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Songs of Vulneria Dev Diary #8

Class Introductions - Utility Classes

Utility Classes focus on Skills which are used outside of combat or that contribute less directly to the core combat system. Their playstyle can focus on crafting or the broad suite of Utility Skills that can be vital to a party’s success, while still contributing to combat. Both of the Utility Classes suffer from low base HP and lack proficiency in Heavy Armor, leaving them vulnerable if isolated. In such cases they will have to rely on preparation and skill over raw power to survive. 

Rogues focus on the use of stealth and subterfuge to achieve their goals. Their weapon and armor selection is limited, leaving them to rely on ambushing or avoidance to survive encounters. They can specialize into the lethal Assassin, the more survivable Duelist, or the cunning Cutpurse. Rogues start with higher Agility and Dexterity, as well as a Social Skill point.


Mechanists focus on crafting and the use of unique gadgets. Their selection of weapons is limited, but they have access to Handguns, powerful new weapons of war that most Classes cannot use. They also have the totally unique Tinkering Skill, which allows for the creation of special gadgets, weapons, and Golems. Mechanists start with a Skill point in the Tinkering Skill, and a Crafting Skill point, allowing them to support their team with their creations. 

Utility Classes offer vital skills to a party, widening their pool of options in a given situation. They can rarely operate on their own, but their value to a team cannot be understated. The high degree of system knowledge required to properly leverage the skill set offered by the Utility classes leaves them as a great option for veteran players. 

That’s all for now, look forward to more information about the world of Vulneria and its inhabitants coming soon.

Farewell Travelers.

- James C. Scully Jr. and R. Scott Fifer, the Harbor Games Team

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