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Songs of Vulneria Dev Diary #7

Class Introductions - Cleric Patrons

Clerics are a highly diverse class, with each patron, divine or demonic, granting unique spells and playstyles. Each favors a different kind of champion, which allows their followers to wield a wide variety of equipment. Some are highly martial, wielding weapons of war nearly as well as a Fighter, while others rely more on subtlety or spells. There are a handful of spells that are granted by multiple different patrons, but every Cleric spells list features unique spells that can only be used by followers of that particular patron. All Clerics also gain the power to perform rituals, longer and more difficult spells with special effects. 

Azaith- The King of the Gods and the ruler of the Divine realms, as well as the master of Fire, Light, the Sun, Law, and Time. Azaith enacted the ordering of creation from chaos, and seeks to maintain order and hierarchy among his mortal followers. His Priests and Clerics serve as Judges and Advisors. They gain power from sunlight, and can cast this light into dark places. 

Aegran- The God of War, and the master of conflict, struggle, and personal improvement. Aegran is the chief leader of the heavenly armies. He seeks to empower his mortal followers, that the order of creation may be defended, and that its enemies may be destroyed. His Priests and Clerics advise generals and fight battles. They are potent warriors in their own right, and can improve the prowess of nearby fighters substantially. 

Illhare- The God of the Dead and the Moon, who leads souls to the afterlife. It is said that she was the first to give mortal kind courage. Illhare seeks to maintain the natural order of death, and as such she and her followers despise necromancy above all other evils. Her Priests and Clerics preside over last rights and funerals, as well as the destruction of the undead. They have the power to ease the pains of life and death alike, and to destroy unnatural things.  

Meihandra- The God of Growth, Fertility, Motherhood, and the Harvest. Meihandra empowers communities, growing and protecting them by enacting the natural cycle of growth and improvement. Her Priests and Clerics watch over farmers and artisans, as well as other small communities. They have the power to accelerate harvests and heal grievous wounds.   

Morokol- The God of Travellers and Forgiveness. Morokol is said to be the god that is closest to mortal kind, who spends the largest portion of his time helping them and guiding them in little ways. Morokol’s Priests and Clerics recognize the oneness of all mortals, and seek to bring disparate cultures together in peace and harmony. They have the power to travel long distances, feed the hungry, and to protect wayfarers. 

Tharus- The God of Knowledge, Wisdom, and Records. Tharus is said to have knowledge of all things, and is tasked with the keeping of creation’s grand history. Tharus’ Priests serve as record keepers, historians, and explorers. They have the power to identify strange things and to discern the weaknesses of their foes. 

Theodred- The God of Oaths, Loyalty, and Devotion. Theodred is the protector of mortals and the God who seals oaths. Theodred’s Priests and Clerics serve as guardians of the faithful, and as officiants over ceremonies that involve the taking of an oath. They have the power to defend the helpless, destroy the wicked, and to seal oaths.

Kazzarnal- The Lord of Hatred and Pride, the ever bleeding. Kazzarnal led Demonkind to revolt against the gods before the time of mortals. Kazzarnal’s followers seek to destroy weakness in their societies, purging those who do not meet their standards and exalthing the strong. They have the power to use blood in their magic, and are brutal combatants. 

Agiahar- The Lord of Greed and Chance, the prince of Imp-Kind. Agiahar stole his power from a formerly great Demon lord, and now presides over untold wealth. His followers seek to rise in status, accumulating wealth and influence at the expense of all else. They have the power to influence chance and to steal vitality. 

Cranus- The Lord of Transmutation, known as the Blackdrake. Cranus was a Dragon that was corrupted by Demons, rising in both power and madness to become an exalted figure. He transforms the bodies of his followers, many seeking the form of the Dragon.Those followers can gain draconic powers, at the cost of their minds.

Kamiel- The Mother of Demons, the Fractured Mind. Once, and sometimes still, a caring and benevolent God, Kamiel was transformed by tragedy into an often incoherent being. She leads the shapers in their quest to make an unending horde of Demons. Her followers co-exist with demons, empowering them and manifesting them on the mortal plane of Vulneria.  

Luvis- The Lord of Predation, the Hunter most Foul. Once a shaper of mortal beings, Luvis became obsessed with the hunt, the power of one to destroy another. His followers seek the greatest prey, and are peerless hunters. They have the power to enhance their accuracy and to cripple their foes.  

Quth- The Mistress of Secrets, the Weaver of Webs. Quth is the arachnid goddess of lies and information. Her followers form a vast web of informants, always seeking and trading information. They have the power to move unseen, and to tear the very secrets from the minds of their victims.  

Thriig- The Crafter of Plagues, the Seeker of Perfection. Thriig was once a shaper of mortal beings, but began to concoct plagues, constantly iterating on them, seeking to make the ultimate life form. His followers seek to constantly evolve, empowering their plagues, generation after generation. They have the power to craft and  spread plagues. 

A Cleric is bound to act in their patron’s interest, but can still act as an individual without losing their powers. This only occurs if a Cleric deeply offends their patron, acting against them in a severe manner. 

That’s all for now, look forward to more information about the world of Vulneria and its inhabitants coming soon.

Farewell Travelers.

- James C. Scully Jr. and R. Scott Fifer, the Harbor Games Team

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