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Songs of Vulneria Update: What’s Next?

Songs of Vulneria has officially launched, thanks to the backers and artists that helped make it happen. So that leaves a question: What’s next for Harbor Games and Songs of Vulneria? 

Our short term goals are focused around building a community and spreading the word about this release. This includes bringing people into our official Discord server and potentially creating secondary materials, to answer questions and guide new players. 

Our long term goals involved the development of expanded material for Songs of Vulneria, including pre-made modules, expansion content, and in universe narrative content. The development of this additional content will be influenced by the community. Additionally we have other long term plans that include the development of another system and setting, if our current projects are successful.  

The Harbor Games team is thrilled to have been allowed to follow our passions and share our work with everyone who expressed interest. We hope to continue to do so long into the future. 

That’s all for now. Look forward to the last of the Blog Post’s on Playable Classes, the Utility Classes, coming out next week.

Farewell for now Travelers.

- James C. Scully Jr. and R. Scott Fifer, the Harbor Games Team

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