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Songs of Vulneria Dev Diary #4

Skills and Character Progression

Almost every action in SoV is governed by a character's Skills, which represent their experience and training coming together to make difficult tasks easier. Every skill has Five levels, each of which confers a (+1) bonus when making a skill check relevant to that skill. Every Player picks their character’s starting skills when first creating their character, with the character’s chosen age determining the number of skills they can pick and the cap on how high those skills can be raised. Younger characters have a lower number of starting skill points and a lower initial skill cap, but make up for it with attribute bonuses and the capacity to train skills faster. Older characters have a higher starting skill cap and more skill points to distribute, but have lower base HP and suffer some attribute loss. Skills are divided into Skill Types, those being: Weapon Skills, which govern a character's effectiveness when using a specific type of weapon, Armor Skills, which quantify how comfortable a character is when using armor of a certain weight class, Magic Skills, which allow a character to use magic more effectively and to use more powerful magic, Utility Skills, which aid characters out of combat and in indirect way within a combat encounter, and Social Skills, which help character’s to negotiate and navigate interactions with Non-Player characters.

Advancing skills to higher levels also advance the character to higher levels. Every time a character levels up a skill they also raise their character level by (+1). Every character level increases that character's Base HP by (+2), as well as increasing the cost of leveling up Skills by (+50) experience. Every skill is leveled individually, but increasing one skill raises the cost of increasing all skills. Character’s gain experience from completing encounters and by training during their free time. Training experience is gained slowly but surely through a character’s training rolls, while encounter experience is given rarely, but in a large lump sum. At level’s (5), (10), and (15) character’s can choose an Aspect, a distinctive, powerful feature that can define a character’s playstyle. Aspects can be passive or active abilities that differentiate one character from another. Some Aspects are unique to classes or class archetypes, some require a certain character level, and some are always available.

We are also pleased to announce that our Kickstarter campaign at has reached 70% of our initial goal. We are thrilled to say that we predict a successful end to the campaign and look forward to sharing more stories with you all. If you have not donated but plan to, there are only 14 days left to do so. If you aren’t interested but know someone who might be, please spread the word.

That’s all for now, look forward to more information about the world of Vulneria and its inhabitants coming soon.

Farewell Travelers.

- James C. Scully Jr. and R. Scott Fifer, the Harbor Games Team

Screenshot from an example character sheet's Skills and Aspects section

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