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Songs of Vulneria Dev Diary #3

Exploring Cultures #1 - THE HUMANS OF ALAMAN

Far to the west, between the seas and the mountains, lies the Kingdom of Alaman. Proud and adventurous, its people are the descendants of seafaring marauders who sailed across the western ocean more than 500 years ago. They settled and then subjugated the Antaran peninsula, fighting wars against the native mountain Goblin tribes and the Kingdom of Vindar. After a long and bitter war, the Alamani won out, annexing the crown of Vindar and creating the United Kingdom of Alaman. After securing dominance over the peninsula, they expanded their influence outwards, securing alliances and later overlordship of the Kingdoms of Akamand and Donran. They later gained dominion over Talean, the kingdom of the High Elves, and the allegiance of Kalaan, the Kingdom of the Wood Elves. These diplomatic maneuvers established a loose confederacy of Kingdoms, commonly referred to as the Five Kingdoms, which became the predominant political power in the south.

The majority of the Alamani people live in coastal towns and cities, continuing the maritime traditions of their ancestors. Alamani sailors are regarded as the best in the world by those who know them; their goods are found in nearly every port in the world, their explorers in almost every kingdom. This growing network of trade has brought vast sums of wealth to the Kingdom, growing its cities and expanding its influence. The primacy of the sea in Alamani society extends to their worship, as they revere Tyraccus the tide-lord, the primordial god of the seas, over all other gods. The Alamani place great importance upon familial ties, and deference to the Patron or Matron of the family. They are encouraged to be gregarious, quick to celebrate and boast of their accomplishments, and even quicker to celebrate those of another. In the northern, more mountainous regions where the Kingdom of Vindar once stood, the people are less jovial and more martial, becoming mercenaries more often than sailors. Though less respected than the Alamani sailors, these mercenaries have a well earned reputation for their discipline in battle, as well as their use of innovative tactics and technologies.

On average Alamani stand shorter than other humans, with dark hair and a swarthy complexion. Their eyes are often unusually colored, giving rise to many folk beliefs about a child’s future being revealed in their eyes at birth. Gold eyes are destined for wealth, red eyes for war, blue eyes for the sea, and purple eyes for authority, with more besides. Alamani clothing is most often brightly colored and flamboyant. Red, gold, and white are the most commonly used colors. Sailors and soldiers will often tattoo their hands and feet with intricate designs, the meanings of which are closely guarded.

That’s all for this week. You can find example maps of Alaman geography below, alongside an example image of an Alamani. Look forward to more information about Vulneria and its inhabitants soon. Farewell Travelers

Alamani Human by Joseph Weston

The Kingdom of Alaman (Geography)

The Kingdom of Alaman (Territories)

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