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Songs of Vulneria Dev Diary #1

The Foundation of Your Story - CORE MECHANICS

Songs of Vulneria is a Fantasy Tabletop Role Playing Game which emphasizes accessibility and player choice from the start of character creation to the end of a campaign. Players may choose from 9 Races, each of which has distinct features, attributes, and advantages, which form the foundation of a player’s build alongside their chosen character Class. The character is then fleshed out by establishing their traits and background, which covers their youth, their education, and their profession. These factors all blend together to produce a character’s starting Skills, which influence their effectiveness at performing almost any given action.

The chances of success for uncertain actions are determined by the result of a roll of a D20 (a twenty sided die), with modifiers derived from those skills and attributes relevant to the current action. As an example a character attempting to sneak past an enemy would roll 1d20 + 3 (their current skill in sneaking) + 1 (their current Agility).

Combat is core to SoV, and operates on an action-response system. A character initiates a fight by attacking their target, who has a chance to react defensively by dodging, parrying, or blocking. This means that defense occurs actively instead of passively, with character’s applying their skills and attributes to protect themselves intentionally. Damage is calculated by subtracting the stuck character’s passive defenses (Armor, Resistances, and Magical protection) from the attacking character’s weapon damage, which is decided by their equipment and their Strength Attribute.

Almost all actions including attacking, defending, casting spells, and even moving over obstacles have a physical cost for a character. The more a character acts, the more stamina they lose and if a character exhausts their supply of stamina (equal to their base HP) they become fatigued, suffering negative modifiers on future rolls. The longer a character goes without rest and the more they exhaust their supply of stamina, the worse this effect becomes.

All these form the foundation of the SoV experience, but there’s much more built on that foundation. Lists of Spells for casters and Fighting styles for martial characters, as well as unique artifacts and magical items to enhance a character.

Look forward to new information about the world of Vulneria and its inhabitants coming soon.

Farewell Travelers.

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