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A Fantasy Tabletop RPG, inspired by the historical events of the late medieval and early modern periods of our own history. In which you will experience the rise and fall of kingdoms, war and intrigue, as well as the introduction and development of new technologies. The game focuses on a skill-based character creation system that emphasizes versatility and customizability to create the character that you want to make. 

The Core Rulebook PDF features:

  • The fundamental rules for playing Songs of Vulneria
  • 9 Playable Races and dozens of Cultures
  • 9 Playable Classes and a variety of Class Customization options
  • A variety of distinct Fighting Styles and Spells Lists, offering multiples ways to play
  • A massive list of Pre-Made Creatures, for easy encounter design


In addition to a PDF of the Core Rulebook, this purchase comes with:

  • An editable PDF Character Sheet
  • 9 Pre-Made Player Characters
  • All the Illustrations included with the Core Rulebook

Songs of Vulneria™ Core Rulebook

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